Treventon, St Columb Major

May 7th was one of those days when the weather didn’t know if it wanted to rain or shine, but thankfully for us the rain held off, and the sun even struggled to put in an appearance as we strolled round.

This garden reminded me of rebellious teenagers they know how you want them to behave but there’s no way they’re going to, especially if you’re watching. Felicity and Peter Penneycard, the current custodians, are conducting a battle of wills with this spirited garden, not least of which is the ten year tree work plan, devised after an arboriculture survey.

We walked from areas of open sunshine look, there’s a shadow to prove it, to areas of deep shade created by dense laurel and holly trees. Perfect for den-making and a game of hide and seek. The wild garlic made my mouth water.

From there we emerged into an area of peace and tranquillity (well I’m sure if is when we’re not there) protected by a large hedge. Here there were herbs and pinks and, as you can see, a small fountain which makes this a very peaceful area to ponder life, or as a gardener more likely devising the next ‘to do’ list of jobs.

Thank you Felicity for showing us round your garden and for the lovely tea and cakes.

Claire Hewlett
7th May 2010