Summer 2013

I am delighted to have been elected as Chairman at the AGM, after the sad passing of Angela Stubbs, who was such an excellent Chairman for the Trust for the last five years.  Hers are very big shoes to fill, and I hope I will have your active support in building on her many successes.

As many of you don’t know me I’d like to give a little of my background.  I have strong Cornish roots, my family having lived in the county since at least the twelfth century.  However, I grew up in Surrey and spent fifteen years working as an archaeologist in Herefordshire and Shropshire before moving down to Cornwall in 2005 to take over the running of the family estate.  After a few years’ experience with our own garden and woodlands near Redruth I thought I was becoming more knowledgeable about understanding the development of the garden.  A quick look at some of the garden records produced by the Trust shows me I have a long way to go!

It has been a year of change for the management of the Trust, with several stalwarts of the Trust standing down, as mentioned in the Autumn newsletter.  On behalf of the membership I would like to thank Sue Pring (vice-Chairman), Peter Fairbank (Secretary), Trish Gibson (Journal Editor) and Claire Hewlett (Education co-ordinator) and Chris Gadsden (publicity officer) for their wonderful work over their tenure.  Replacements for all these posts are still needed please don’t hesitate to put yourself forward to help take on any of these roles.

Jean Marcus organised a very successful South West Education Seminar in April.  This was a great introduction for me to this aspect of the Trust’s work and was an extremely useful opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences from across the region.  John Lanyon gave a fascinating tour of the garden at Trerice, showing how the National Trust is striving to blend the historic landscape with a modern interpretation.  It is wonderful to see that the garden remains a living, constantly evolving entity.

The production of garden records continues, with a dozen projects under way with several of them nearing completion.

There are several garden visits taking place over the next couple of months, and there has been a suggestion that we could try some weekend visits, and next year try evening visits so members who have 9 to 5 jobs can come along.

Sadly there will be no Journal this year as we have not yet managed to find a replacement Editor.  As I am sure all members will agree, the Journal provides entertaining and informative articles based on rigorous academic research.  Surely someone from the membership would relish the joy of taking on the role of Editor.  For this, and anything else, I can be contacted at

Richard Stone