Potager Garden

This is a former nursery abandoned in the 1980s. Dan Thomas and Peter Skerrett discovered and bought the 4½-acres of overgrown nursery and decrepit greenhouses in 1999 and have worked to clear and restore the plot in a restrained and natural way. Some of the old nursery stocks of trees and plants rooted through pots have been retained, with new informal planting among them. There is a well tended potager garden of fruit and vegetables, grown organically, the produce from which is used in the café. The café itself is housed in one of the old wooden glasshouses with grape vine overhead. Here we enjoyed tea and biscuits.

Mark Harris is now looking after the enterprise as Dan and Peter have moved on to other things. He told us that several artists, craftsmen and boat builders have workshops on the site and one new large workshop building had been put up lower down the  site.

We all enjoyed the visit and the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the place hammocks amongst the trees, games to play in the one remaining glasshouse, a table tennis table shared the space with enormous palms, an Actinidia vine, rows of beans and peppers and a propagating area.

Elisabeth Walker – 9th July 2011