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In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Ludgvan Horticultural Society, the residents of the village have got together to produce a 48-page illustrated booklet on the history of the Society and an insight into the development of horticulture in the Parish over the period.
Situated on the south coast at Mounts Bay, Ludgvan is noted for its intensive cropping of early vegetables and flowers aided by the mild winter climate and the ideal soils of the ‘Golden Mile’. In this booklet we get a first hand account of life on the farm, details of the productive allotments and of course details of the Horticultural Society over the years.

An account of the farm at Varfell, once the home of Humphry Davey’s parents, gives us a fascinating insight into the traditional horticulture of Ludgvan from 1903 to the present as one of the largest daffodil farms in the country and now home to the National Collection of Dahlias.  No chronicle of Ludgvan would be complete without details of Canon Boscawen’s famous Rectory garden and Ray Fordham provides detailed information on the planting and historical facts. Also detailed is the not quite so famous, but of equal importance, garden at Eden Valley laid out by Percy Waterer in 1907 where Agapetes Ludgvan Cross originated.

In Spring 2002, the residents of Ludgvan opened their gardens to the public and an exhibition displayed many old and interesting photographs. The 100th annual flower show of Ludgvan Horticultural Society took place on August 2nd 2003 when hundreds of people were able to see an exhibition of the history of Ludgvan as well as talk to residents who had shaped that history.

David Pearce