by Philip McMillan Browse

Publisher:  Alison Hodge (2005)
ISBN 0-906 720-40-0

Paperback £14.95


The cover for this book is too eye-catching to resist.  The contents are well laid out, with easy-to-find sections and the photos are very fresh and appealing, giving an air of spring.  I liked particularly the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. The ‘before’ is how I first saw Heligan, before the development.

McMillan Browse has included lots of growing tips, and – without being too alarmist – tips on pests and diseases.  The fruit section will appeal very much to gardeners like me, who have an interest in vines and   trees that fruit, and the more exotic pineapple section was a gem.  The flower and bulb pages cover flowers for the eye and for cutting and taking indoors.  The herb section could inspire the non-herb grower to give them a try, to grow and cook something different.

Heligan: Fruit, Flowers and Herbs is a well-presented book: a historical record and a practical guide which will, I am sure, be a source of reference and relaxation over the years.  I want one.

Barbara Breeze