by Philip McMillan Browse, General Editor

Published by Alison Hodge (2004)
ISBN    0906720338



When William Arnold-Forster wrote his classic Shrubs for the Milder Counties in 1948, he was bewildered why the municipal plantings in Cornwall did not reflect the distinctive range of plants that would grow in the mild climate.  So he set about creating a garden on an extremely exposed site to prove that a wider range could be grown.

In more recent times, Dr Neil Armstrong has had a dream, inspired by the work of Arnold-Forster, and he too has created a garden in which to grow a range of plants hitherto regarded as too risky to thrive in Cornwall.
With the vast range of new plant introductions since 1948, Neil Armstrong has called upon prominent practising gardeners, specialists in their own field, to contribute to Gardening on the Edge.  The book has an introduction by the renowned Philip Mcmillan Browse, and is divided into 10 chapters including Recent Woody Plant Arrivals in Cornwall by Tom Hudson, Hedychiums by Edward Needham, Conifers by Dr Chris Page, the world’s foremost evolutionary biologist, Some Uncommon, Untried or Tender Plants by Rob Senior, with other contributions from Peter Clough, Mark Brent, Guy Moore, Michael Bell and Charlie Pridham.

This 250-page book is well illustrated, easy to read and packed full of fascinating information.  It is a classic, complementing and updating the work of Arnold-Forster, and will inspire the gardeners of Cornwall to be more venturesome with the vast range of plants available.

David Pearce