From the Recorders: 2014

The Cornwall Gardens Trust Recorder’s Group has not been as active in 2014 as in previous years. However, at a recent CGT visit to Trevince, Gwennap three group members were present and attempts were made to work through the current full and short versions of the Garden Survey Form.

It soon became clear that my hopes for recorders taking these forms to future CGT visits, Open Gardens and the like, and working through them in an afternoon, will be dashed if something is not done to simplify the form, or produce guidance on its use, or both!

1843 tithe map of Trevince

1843 tithe map of Trevince

It is terribly important that recording continues, so working on the recording process is a top priority. Meanwhile, the trip to Trevince has borne fruit in the form of new entries into the Historic Environment Record including a Wilderness, located to the north east of the manor, that pre-dates the existing house and is marked on the 1839 Tithe Map. Also recorded were the walled garden and a section of leat, evidence of an earlier mining landscape, which runs through the estate.

Emma Trevarthen, Recorders Group