by Vivien Rolph

Publisher: Shire Publications (October 2011) Shire Library No 610
ISBN 978-0747808091


Garden fashions of the 18th century, partly influenced by classical features seen during the Grand Tour, also feature in this book. Bathing pools could be simple outside plunge pools or part of elaborate, classical, multi-storied structures meant for entertaining. There are several examples of such Bathing Houses in Cornwall of which the more notable are at Antony and at Mount Edgecombe. Baths could be fed by streams or on lake edges, or even by tidal flows in seaside buildings, of which there are several examples in the West Country.

Each of these two books from Shire publications is concerned with features of gardens in 18th century England, but the topics covered vary enormously in scale, and also to their importance for the English landscape. As is usual with this series, each is extremely well illustrated with photographs and contemporary engravings; the first book also has numerous maps and contemporary plans to illustrate the points made. Each also provides a list of properties where the features may be seen.

Alison Newton