Educational Bursary

Cornwall Gardens Trust Educational Bursary

The Cornwall Gardens Trust aims to provide limited funding to support studies and research connected with parks, gardens or designed landscapes.

The CGT offers bursaries of up to £250 for applicants residing in Cornwall to gain the skills and knowledge requisite for entering and progressing within the horticultural profession, for example

  • To support professional gardeners to attend courses, training, conferences or study tours to enhance their skills and knowledge, and to support their career development.
  • To support horticultural students to attend conferences, study tours or garden research that add value to their studies and/or their envisaged career progression.
  • To support individuals to gain accredited qualifications (for example, Royal Horticultural Society qualifications) where horticulture is intended to become a main source of income.

A written report is required from recipients detailing their experience and the benefits for their studies or career, which may be published in the CGT Journal or newsletter.

The CGT also offers smaller grants of up to £50 for the purchase of books and materials relevant to specific projects or course study, for example

  • Specialist books for horticultural professional relevant to a current role or envisaged project.
  • Books that support individual research.
  • Course materials that may be required for study units.

All awards are intended to assist those experiencing financial barriers to horticultural career entry or career development, or to independent research in a relevant field.

Bursaries may be paid in full, in part or in instalments direct to the recipient. Receipts will be required. Funds are limited and priority will be given to applicants not previously in receipt of a bursary from the CGT. Applications may be made at any time.

Enquiries and applications to